Friday, September 5, 2008

Class DVD presentation 1

Today was the very first day of class in Basics of Effective Inst. in PE, I came to class with the usual presumption that we would be handed a silobus, a general run though of said silobus, and then a smile and a goodbye.

To my surprise it was one of those classes that actually started on day 1! Typically I cringe at the thought of having to bring my brain back to college so early. We met in the gym, I'd say a good 20 of us, and were asked to teach the class.

Professor Yang stood by watching intently as one group went and preformed a skill to be taught to the class (we had a selection of basketballs, volleyballs, and footballs).

Me and my partner were the second group to go, we both instinctively went for the basketball and decided to work on the fundamental basketball skill of the lay up. My partner did most of the talking, and I'd chime in with the occasional nod of agreement, not to say I didn't talk too, however my partner definitely took the initiative from the get go.

Oh! I suppose I should mention that this entire class presentation was being videotaped, the interesting thing about that is you get to see obviously see yourself as a spectator and see how you presented yourself to the class.

In my head during class I felt very on stage, however on video it looked like I was composed... which was a real shock, the one thing that really stood you for me was I'm constantly fidgeting with my hands or just keeping them crossed in front of me, looking at myself I looked very stiff expect for when I had the opportunity to talk, which to my surprise I appeared much more fluid.

In closing it was a very interesting class, one that I didn't mind starting on day 1, its great to finally get to the meat of learning how to teach, getting comfortable in ones own skin before your thrown to the wolves so to speak. Kudos Professor Yang!

Personal Trainer Dustin!