Friday, December 12, 2008

Tis the season

We finally made it, the semester is at its close and its time for some quality R&R, however before that it's important that we "Give Thanks" by doing our teacherly' duties in our communities.
Our objective was to volunteer some of our time to anything that would prepare us to be better Physical Educators, this could include anything from baby sitting (playing games with kids) to running your own after school program.
For me the semester had its ups and downs and I sometimes didn't have the time I would have liked to accomplish everything I'd like to do in one day. Some of the volunteer work that I was able to do included 5 hours as an assistant at the mini conference we held, I took attendance for all 3 presentations of the cup stacking. I got a lot of time to play one on one with Peter, Dr. Davis's son, he was really good!
Another time I was able to apply what I learned from school to the real world was when I went home a few weeks ago, my fathers friend does his own volunteer work at our local fire department, he teaches karate, I attended his class which was mostly middle aged women and younger kids, after a while the kids got comfortable with me and I was able to show them some of the very basic things I learned in Self Defense, it felt great to be able to apply what I learned to the real world, and it felt great to be looked at as a teacher in the eyes of the kids.