Friday, November 21, 2008

Fit School Update

Hello all, just an update on my lil crusade to establish a connection between our school and the Mens Health Fit School. This is the latest email I've sent to Adam (Co-Vice President, Director of FitSchools)

Hello Adam, I have an idea that would be mutually beneficial; our programs consists of roughly 850 Physical Education Undergrads, perhaps we could establish a good time for a workshop if that is something that would interest you, the mutual benefit is while your a guest at our school it would be my pleasure to show you around some of our classes and perhaps from what you see you'll find something to bring back to your host school, ultimately this depends on a few things: 1. What type of relationship your program would like to foster with SUNY Cortland. 2. If it is within your means to come to New York for a workshop, and 3. What type of support I get from my fellow students and professors. I must admit I'm not sure how the college Set's up workshops but I'm more then willing to find out, I understand the economy doesn't make travel the easiest at the moment but we could potentially plan for a down the line next semester or the fall for that matter.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Like before if anyone would like to get involved just drop me a line.

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