Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Parkour Jungle Experience

Last week we had are second crack at teaching our lesson plan on parkour, after our first attempt I felt confident in how we performed, we came into the lesson and I felt very comfortable standing in front of everyone and explaining the general concept, I liked the little things we included like the rocky music and the Mario theme for the line walking and jumping.

Perhaps the best thing I could say about my first lesson in parkour was it was organized, however while I hit the topics it was the little things that I needed the work on, the motivation, the hook, something to get the student's to enjoy the activities even very basic activities like walking on lines or standing on one foot.

The started work on my second lesson plan the day after the first one ended, I wanted to make it special, I wanted to grab people's attention, create a positive attitude, have activities that the student's would enjoy participating in.

My first idea was to have a visual aid to get there attention, my idea was the scale of awesomeness, the student's seem to respond well to it and it made me feel better overall about my performance. I think the student's appreciated the time it took for the lesson to come together the way it did, it shows that the teacher care and isn't in it for the paycheck, that just because they bring there work home with them doesn't mean they view that as a bad thing.

My second thing I was really happy about was my game, I decided to have the student's play a balance game where they stood on a poly spot and if they lost there balance they were out so to speak, saying it like that makes it sound boring but this is where I felt the pitch I had really went well, I called it the "he who stands on one leg test" and gave it a tribal council feel as well, the ising on the cake was definately the jungle music I had to accompany the game, the game itself didn't go ever as well as I had planned, mainly due to the student's exhibiting great balance which as a teacher threw me for a loop because I haden't antisipated that, luckily I quickly decided to add more balls which ultimately didn't help in getting anyone out. At the time I thought my game was an overall failure, however when I listened to the recording the background noise was filled with laughter and it seemed apparient that the student's were indeed having a good time.

Two of the things I still feel I have to work on is offering feedback to everyone and also eliminating filler words. The word "alright" is my acheleis heel so to speak, I probably said "Alright" 10 to 15 times, and also threw in some "Um's and Ah's" for good measure to see my complete transcript click on this link). The feedback is something I feel I'll be able to greatly improve on in my lab D, the main reason I didn't get to do that much feedback was because I had spent to long on the hook and the review game, by the time I had gotten to the new material I was pressed for time, another plus is I have a good history in DDR, I've played it when I was younger and have a very good understanding of where people are at on a sliding scale of progression, which will make my comment's more congruent. Another thing that could use some improvement would be my usage of time, granted I stayed on track for the most part and got the most of the time I had there is still plenty of room for improvement (to view my complete time coding sheet clink on this link)

In conclusion I must say I've done a 180 in my opinion as a Physical Educator, as a teacher I almost feel its the journey that's keeping me passionate about the major, I enjoy having to think outside the box and I enjoy putting all I can into a project and watching it slowly start to come together, I can't wait till my lab D, fair warning be perpared for visual aid explosion!

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