Friday, November 21, 2008

I introduce... the revolution

So today I presented Dance Dance Revolution for my class, I learned a very valuable lesson today, that even when you think your prepared expect the unforseen... meaning that just because on paper everything sounds perfect doesn't mean that in reality it's going to work that way.

My major issue boiled down to one thing, time, my goal was to have a projection of Dance Dance Revolution so the student's would have a chance to play, the problem was I didn't have the knowledge or resources... or perhaps patience's to get the projector working, being that I was on a timed schedule when push came to shove I had to scrap the entire idea and move on to a different activity.

As far as pluses are concerned I felt very good about my warm up activity, I called it Kung Fu Samurai and the added element of music made it a big hit with the class, another criticism I would like to add about my performance is I didn't take the time to rehearse what I was going to say, so when I started to explain the game the rules weren't as clearly established as I would have liked, again on the positive note this is something I will remember and improve upon for my next chance to perform.

**Note to readers** I'll be adding pictures from today's lesson once they are available!

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Percent of M time = 4%
Percent of W time = 0%
Percent of I time = 52%
Percent of A time = 44%

Management <> 50% = 2 pts.
Instruction < 30% = 1 pt. Waiting < 5% = 1 pt.
Total Score (M+A+I+W)= 2

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