Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The motivation

Close your eyes for a second and picture yourself standing in front of a classroom, with 30 kids aged 5 to 14 staring back at you waiting for instruction. Your stomach feels like butterflies are having a field day in their, and your heart is pumping loader than the bass in your car. You can open your eye's now, now this may not be a fear for everybody however standing up in front of a crowd for some of us (like myself), can be pretty terrifying.
I came into this semester with a lot on my mind, memories of failed attempted to physically educate kids had me seriously questioning my ability and if perhaps I was already in over my head.
Perhaps the greatest think that happened this semester was during our Frisbee lesson, I had decided to introduce the pull, a foolish choice of activity now that I look back on it, anyway the point I wanted to stress was how natural I sounded and looked... despite having the heart pumping and butterflies churning, being able to hear yourself from outside yourself is an amazing tool, it was through that simple act that I felt confident in my abilities to be a great physical educator. Nice job professor, you get two cool points.

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